Ivory cards are non-coated cards and are available in 210gsm, 250gsm and 300gsm. They have wide range of applications like Brouchers, Leaflet, Catalouges, Visiting cards, Book cover and many more…

They are of following types Digione Ivory, Trust, Rekha, Linen, Super Smooth White, Super Smooth Buff and Kentex Ivory.

Digione Ivory

Trust Ivory

Rekha Ivory

Linen Ivory

Super Smooth Buff Ivory

Super Smooth White Ivory

Kentex Ivory

  • Type of Ivory Cards: Digione Ivory, Trust Ivory, Rekha Ivory, Linen Ivory, Super Smooth White Ivory, Super smooth Buff Ivory and Kentex Ivory.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 each
  • Email: aakrutidadar@gmail.com