We are one of the leading suppliers of cloth envelopes in the country. We offer cloth envelopes in three quality Regular, Sonal and Superfine. Cloth line is mounted on 85 gsm ledger paper by automatic process to create one of the finest quality envelopes. Difference between Regular, Sonal and Superfine Cloth lined envelope is the distance between two thread. In Regular cloth the two threads are little far apart from each other followed by Sonal cloth envelopes where they are nearer to each other and finally Superfine cloth envelope where the two threads are closest to each other. Lesser the distance between two threads stronger is the weight envelope can hold.


Cloth Envelopes have wide range of application from storing to mailing purpose. Cloth envelopes are widely used for courier purpose in today’s digital world of online shopping where they are used for sending parcels from one place to another.

Gusset Cloth Envelopes

We also keep cloth envelopes with 2″ gate/Gusset which are used for storing or mailing bulkier items. They are also available in Regular, Sonal and Superfine Quality.